Oversampling for Imbalanced Data via Optimal Transport


The issue of data imbalance occurs in many real-world applications especially in medical diagnosis, where normal cases are usually much more than the abnormal cases. To alleviate this issue, one of the most important approaches is the oversampling method, which seeks to synthesize minority class samples to balance the numbers of different classes. However, existing methods barely consider global geometric information involved in the distribution of minority class samples, and thus may incur distribution mismatching between real and synthetic samples. In this paper, relying on optimal transport (Villani 2008), we propose an oversampling method by exploiting global geometric information of data to make synthetic samples follow a similar distribution to that of minority class samples. Moreover, we introduce a novel regularization based on synthetic samples and shift the distribution of minority class samples according to loss information. Experiments on toy and real-world data sets demonstrate the efficacy of our proposed method in terms of multiple metrics.

AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Jiezhang Cao
Jiezhang Cao
Ph.D. student

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